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Who We Are


In 2007, if someone told me that Shreeji would become this big, I would probably not have believed it in the first go. You see, not everyone knows about the number of people and brains that work behind creating one beautiful living space. But I knew the number of hours and sweat the team at Shreeji had put into creating our first ever project.


Since then, there has been no looking back for us! The quality of our buildings, the attention to minute details of design, and meticulous timely delivery have made us the choice of 1000+ families. 


Our team works extremely hard to make sure that every property is designed in an aesthetic manner and we make sure that all our properties are based in the premium areas of the city - all of this while providing value for money and keeping the environmental well-being in check.


We zealously work towards the best interests of our customers, team and the environment.  We intend to continue working on these lines in the coming future and come up with more prime projects for families who dream of having beautiful homes.

-  Anjan Bhalodiya
Director, Shreeji Group


Our Mission


Our Mission is to Design, Build and Market Residential and Commercial Complexes of international quality & leaving no stone unturned to fulfill the dreams of our customers.


Our Vision is to become the go-to developers when the customers want world-class Design and Build quality. We want to be the forerunners of a legacy that delivers quality and reliability in real estate. 


We aim to maintain consistency in our quality of work, be environmentally aware, and ensure the highest standard of service provision to all our customers. We want to be a part of every homeowner's joyous story of buying property.

Core Values




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